Welcome to the Pathway & Strategy section of the site. 

The aim of the Umpire Development Pathway is to facilitate learning, helping to bridge the gap between club umpires, provincial panels and national panel umpires. The new pathway is broken down into accessible learning chunks giving umpires an opportunity for feedback and hands on contact at each stage of learning.  Many umpires are happy umpiring only at their club, the goal of the new pathway is to improve the standard of those club umpires while lessening the gap between club umpires and provincial panels. If you wish to progress to provincial level you will receive a wide range of appointments along with support from your provincial association. In order to join your provincial association you must have completed and passed an assessment. Your provincial Umpiring Association will provide details on how to arrange this.  A small number of umpires each year will then progress to National Panel. The Irish Hockey Umpires Association (IHUA) is responsible for recruitment and development of umpires operating at this level.  Written in conjunction with this new pathway, we aim to launch the new umpiring strategy early 2021.  *Club umpire means individuals have the fundamental skills to begin umpiring unappointed club games, but will not yet have been assessed. *